2017 HSF Calendar - COMING SOON!

Posted on October 05, 2016 by Odell Borg

HSF 2017 CalendarSee a preview of our 2017 High Spirit Flutes calendar; arriving soon

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High Spirits Achievement Award – April Brown

Posted on September 28, 2016 by Odell Borg

Earlier in September we had the honor of awarding April Brown the
High Spirits Achievement Award. April was given her first High Spirits Flute five years ago. She was just beginning to explore music as a creative outlet, helping to cope with the stresses of an incurable form of cancer.

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Confessions of a Father

Posted on June 07, 2016 by Odell Borg

Odell Borg & FamilyI am always a bit self-conscious when it comes to being the object of a celebration and that includes Father's Day.  As human nature would have it, I recall all too often the mistakes and poor calls I made when it comes to raising both my children who are now wonderful adults of whom I am very proud.

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Blackbird Flies to Japan

Posted on January 30, 2016 by Bold Apps

Japan has very much embraced the Native Flute. It all began in 1994 when R. Carlos Nakai toured Japan and introduced the Japanese audiences to the Native Flute. One reason the Japanese people resonated with the melodies of the Native Flute is that one of their national instruments is the shakuhachi flute.

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25 Years - And Into The Future

Posted on December 31, 2015 by Odell Borg

This year I am again reminded that what really matters is the heart's expression through music.  The Native flute is a wonderful medium through which the heart finds expression of our deepest feelings. 
2015 has been an expansive year for the Native Flute. I have been contacted by flute enthusiasts all over this country and world wide sharing their touching stories of connection to this special instrument...

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Odell's Signature Flute Series

Posted on November 30, 2015 by Odell Borg

The Signature Flute Series had its beginning when we identified all the qualities of the ideal tonal combinations in a flute and how to achieve that consistently. When listing the qualities, the first thing that came up was clarity of voice, which included warmth and fullness on the low notes as well as clean, clear high notes.

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This Month - High Spirits 25th Anniversary Concerts in JAPAN!

Posted on November 03, 2015 by Odell Borg

High Spirits Flutes 25th Anniversary LogoHeadlining each of the concerts is Native American flute musician Mr. Cody Blackbird, a High Spirits goodwill cultural ambassador for our 25th anniversary celebrations in Japan.

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