Digital Instructional Booklet & DVD Option - High Spirits Flutes

Digital Instructional DVD & Booklet

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Odell Borg's 'How-To-Play The Native Flute' Instructions includes both the: Beginner Instructional DVD and Intermediate Instructional DVDs.  All instruction is taught by Odell; in addition two DVDs you'll also receive: a comprehensive, printed instructional booklet that is illustrated and written by Odell.

With these instructional materials you will easily learn all that you need to know to play your wooden native flute immediately.  Odell uses simple, easy-to-follow instructions that requires NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE.

Odell's written booklet covers topic such as: beginning playing techniques, playing songs and melodies, fingering charts, harmonizing, flute care tips and more.

Even if you've never picked up a musical instrument before Odell will teach you to produce the sweet sounds you want from your native flute!