Multi-Flute Bag: The Flute Quiver - High Spirits Flutes

Multi-Flute Bag: The Flute Quiver

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The Flute Quiver is a multi-flute bag that safely holds and protects up to 9 flutes. The attractive outer cover is a blanket material and the inner quilted-padding sleeves create a thick barrier to protect the flutes and in most cases are deep and wide enough to enclose the fetish of the flutes.

When rolled up the three velcro straps create a securely wrapped bundle that is easily carried by the adjustable shoulder strap. Inside the bag is a zippered pocket that is 6.5-inches by 9-inches and is an ideal storage compartment to keep a small microphone, wind guard or other small accessories.

Depending on the number of flutes wrapped in the bag the dimensions when rolled up are, 27-inches long by 8-inches to 12-inches in diameter. When open the bag measures 32.5-inches wide by 27-inches long, which does not include the large fold-over flap.

This flute case can hold flutes up to 29-inches in length.

Please note, flutes are not included; they must be purchased separately.


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