Native Flute Cloth Blanket Bag - High Spirits Flutes

Blanket Bag - Single Flute

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Our Blanket Flute Bags are constructed from durable blanket material.  They are machine washable.  These bags protect a flute from marring, scratches, and excessive sun exposure.

The fold-over top flap provides extra protection, while the lace tie closure secures the flute within the bag.

Sizing Details -
Small: Fits all Kestrels.
Dimensions: 4-inches wide and fits flutes up to 15-inches (38 cm)

Medium:  Fits the Merlin, White Tail Hawks, Sparrow Hawks, Red Tail Hawks, Golden Eagles, all Spirit Flute Basses.
Dimensions: 4-inches wide and fits flutes 18-inches to 24-inches (46-61 cm)

Large: Fits all all Spirit Flute Basses, and Condor Bass Flutes in the keys 'E', 'D', and 'C'.
Dimensions: 6-inches wide and fits flutes from 23-inches to 30.0-inches (58-76.5 cm)

We also offer these additional Blanket Flute Bags: the Double Flute Blanket Bag, and Triple Flute Blanket Bag.

Please note, a flute is not included; it must be purchased separately.


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