Spirit Of The Heart Package

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Our Spirit Of The Heart package is a collection of native flute accessories chosen to uplift the heart and inspire passion.

All Spirit Of The Heart packages will come with: the Love Flute book, the Pure Passion CD, and a Blanket Bag in the size of your choice.  You choose the Blanket Bag size right for you: Small, Medium, or Large based on size specifics below.

More About Each Item Included

- The Love Flute by Paul Goble is a beautifully illustrated book for all ages. It tells the story of a young man in love with a girl but too shy to tell her, until one night when he receives a mystical gift to share his love for her through music- a love flute.

- The full length native flute CD Pure Passion by John Bear is music for the heart and soul.  Taught to play the flute at an early age through his Choctaw/Apache heritage, John's traditional playing style is infused with his rich life experience in the contemporary world.

- Our single flute Blanket Bags combine practical protection for your flute with great southwestern style.  These flute bags will keep flutes safe from scratches, exposure to sunlight, and the general wear and tear that can occur.

Flute Bag Sizing Information

Small Blanket Bag - will fit all Kestrel flutes.

Medium Blanket Bag - will fit all flutes in the key of 'A' (*except the Pocket Flute*) - all flutes in the key of 'G' (*except the Pocket Flute*) - and all flutes in the key of 'F#' (*except the Kestrel*).

Large Blanket Bag - will fit all Condor Bass flutes, and all Contra Bass flutes.

Please note, this package does not come with a flute; it must be purchased separately.