Multi-Flute Bag: The Flute Quiver - High Spirits Flutes

Multi-Flute Bag: The Flute Quiver

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The Flute Quiver is a multi-flute bag that safely holds and protects up to 9 flutes. The attractive outer cover is a blanket material and the inner quilted-padding sleeves create a thick barrier to protect the flutes and in most cases are deep and wide enough to enclose the fetish of the flutes.

When rolled up the three velcro straps create a securely wrapped bundle that is easily carried by the adjustable shoulder strap. Inside the bag is a zippered pocket that is 6.5-inches by 9-inches and is an ideal storage compartment to keep a small microphone, wind guard or other small accessories.

Depending on the number of flutes wrapped in the bag the dimensions when rolled up are, 27-inches long by 8-inches to 12-inches in diameter. When open the bag measures 32.5-inches wide by 27-inches long, which does not include the large fold-over flap.

This flute case can hold flutes up to 24-inches in length. The inner quilted padding is now black in color rather than the color gray that is pictured below.

Note, flutes must be purchased separately and are not included with this item.


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