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Continuing Your Flute Journey Instruction

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Take your native flute playing skills to the next level with Odell Borg's Continuing Your Flute Journey DVD!

Odell Borg created the Continuing Your Flute Journey DVD as a helpful instructional video that will teach you how to take your wooden native flute playing skills to the next level. In Odell's 84-minute tutorial video, he and his son, Jonah cover many technical skills and advanced playing techniques that will improve your overall flute playing skills.

Example of topics covered: Native Flute Tablature, Basic Musical Theory, Harmonizing Techniques, and suggestions on Creating Songs and Structuring Melody, as well as many others.

Skills and technical information are clearly explained in this instructional video, and the subjects taught in the DVD are also expanded upon in the instructional booklet (Part 1 - Intermediate / Part 2 - Advanced).

With this purchase you will receive: the instructional DVD in a hard case cover, and the two-part, printed instructional booklet (as pictured above).


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