Pueblo 'A' Signature Flute - Walnut - High Spirits Flutes

Pueblo 'A' Signature Flute - Walnut

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Our Pueblo Signature Series flute was inspired by Odell's respect and appreciation for native weaver artisans.  The artistry and complex craftsmanship of the intricate woven patterns, which embody the beauty and meaning within each weaving strongly influenced the design elements Odell used when creating the unique look of the Pueblo flute.

The Pueblo's geometric engravings convey both modern and tribal style in their appearance, while the Sterling Silver and Turquoise bezels create a distinctly southwestern look for this flute.

The flute is handcrafted from a single piece of Black Walnut wood, which as a hardwood gives the flute a crisp, clear voice that is especially clean when playing high notes.

Every Signature Flute is designed to be both a musical instrument as well as a piece of beautiful artwork.  Our precision tuning insures that each Signature Flute is easily able to meet the requirements of any musician.

Our Signature Series flutes utilize a unique airflow design that provides exceptional responsiveness and player control, superior amplification, and makes them ideal for a wide range of musical styles.  

The flute is tuned in the key of A minor, this flute can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of C.

It is 20 inches (51 cm) long with a 1-inch (2.5 cm) bore diameter.



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