Spirit Flute 432 Hz - high C - Madrone - High Spirits Flutes

Spirit Flute 432 Hz - high C - Madrone

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Our EarthTone 432 Hz Spirit Flute in the key of high 'C' minor (432 Hz) is handcrafted in Madrone and features a fixed plate made from Walnut.

Our Spirit Flute high 'C' flute is 12.0 inches (30.5 cm) in length, and is a great flute for those with small hands, limited hand mobility, or a young person, since it is one of our smaller flutes.

This flute is a limited edition because of its wood, Madrone. The majority of our Spirit Flutes are made from Spanish Cedar. Madrone is a hardwood with a beautiful musical voice that is especially crisp and clear on the high notes.

All our EarthTone 432 Hz flutes are engraved with a geometric pattern representing the 432 Hz frequency and features a Rainbow Moonstone inlay at its center.

It is flute in our EarthTone Series which means it is tuned to the frequency of 432 Hz rather than 440 Hz (Concert Pitch) which is the frequency of our traditional flutes.  Its musical voice is high-tone and evokes the sound of bird songs or a soprano's vocal tone.

All our flutes are six-holes but we cover the third hole from the top of the flute (known as the six hole) with a leather tie, which can make it easier to learn to play.