Raven Signature Flute - Ebonized Walnut

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Our Raven bird head flutes are made from Ebonized domestic Walnut, which is a hardwood that gives the flute a clear, crisp, bright voice.  And each flute is hand-inlaid with Turquoise cabochons to accentuate the beauty of its design.

The Raven plays a large part in Native American mythology throughout the various tribal cultures, and this flute was created to honor those legends.

Our bird head flutes are designed to be both a high-quality musical instrument and a beautiful piece of wooden sculpture. Our precision tuning insures that each flute is easily able to meet the requirements of any musician.

Ebonizing is a process that began to be used in furniture making during the early 20th century. Because Ebony wood was rare and expensive, wood workers invented the dyeing process called Ebonizing.

Unlike a stain the Ebonizing allows the dye to deeply penetrate the wood's fibers. Walnut is an ideal wood for Ebonizing since its grain is dark brown in color, which streaks through giving it a look similar to actual Ebony.

Additionally, we have found that Ebonized Walnut has the added benefit of a slightly enhanced sound quality due to the increased density of the wood's fibers.

This is a 6-hole flute but we provide a leather cover for the 3rd hole from the top (known as the 6th hole) to give the option of playing it as a 5-hole flute, which is simpler to play.


KEY OF G - The flute is tuned in the key of "G" minor and can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of A#/Bb.  This flute is 27.25-inches (69 cm) in length. It is also a great accompaniment to one of our other key of "G" flutes: Contra Bass "G" and the Pocket Flute "G".

KEY OF F# - tuned in the key of "F#" minor, this flute can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of A. This flute is 28.5-inches (72 cm) in length.  It is also a great accompaniment flute to one of our other key of "F#" flutes: the Contra Bass "F#" and the Kestrel "F#".

Each flute (excluding our Pocket Flute & Eagle Bone Ocarina) automatically includes Odell's FREE 'How-To-Play' Instructional Materials which comes with: printed instructional booklet with fingering charts as well as an instructional DVD with both Odell's Beginner and Intermediate tutorial videos.