High Spirits Flutes | Spirit Flute - high D - Madrone Wood Flute

Flûte Spirituelle - ré aigu - Madrone

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Our Preservation Collection reflects our commitment to sustainability, respect for the Earth's natural resources, and the woodworking process. Preservation Collection flutes meet the exact same sound quality standards as all our other flutes at a deep discount! Their difference is that they may have design differences, adaptations, unique woods, limited quantities on one-of-a-kind flutes, slight cosmetic imperfections, minor shaping inconsistencies, which do not detract from the flute's purpose in any way. Each Preservation Collection flute remains a high-quality, American handcrafted, woodwind instrument. As with all of our flutes, we stand by our musical instrument quality reputation, and sound quality is always guaranteed.

Our Spirit Flute in the key of high 'D' minor is handcrafted from Madrone and features a Walnut wood sound-plate. Most of our Spirit Flutes are crafted from Spanish Cedar (a softwood) which makes this hardwood, Madrone Spirit Flute very unique.

Because of its compact size and fixed sound-plate design, this Madrone Spirit Flute is excellent for outdoors and traveling.

The Madrone wood body offers brilliant tonal qualities that create a clear, crisp, well projected musical voice, making this an incredible little high-tone, hardwood flute. This 'high D' minor Spirit Flute is approximately 11-inches (29 cm) long.

High-tone flutes are also considered great instruments for drum circles because their higher pitch sound allows them to stand-out sweetly along side beautiful lower-tone instruments. All our flutes are handcrafted from a single piece of wood, which is meticulously hand finished with non-toxic oils that seal and protect the beauty of the wood.

This flute is tuned to the key of "D" minor, and it can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "F". The Spirit Flute high 'D' is the highest octave flute that we make in the key of 'D' minor.