Odell Borg and Luna
Welcome to musical adventures with your Native Flute!
I hope it will bring as much pleasure into your life as it has mine. My experience has been that it is a very magical instrument, in that it seems to appear when one needs it most. Most of us have an innate desire to express ourselves musically. It is a wonderful way to express emotions and feelings.

Traditional western instruments (guitar, piano, etc.) have a lot of technique to get past before one can really enjoy just creating music. That is why the Native Flute is so unique. It is very low-tech, yet has the most soothing, peaceful voice, through which we can express ourselves easily.

As you are playing, keep in mind that the breath is your life force and the physical expression of your feelings, so you are directly projecting yourself through this wonderful piece of wood. That is what the ancient ones had in mind when they so ingeniously created this instrument.

On my website you will find Native Flutes for everyone from beginners to professional musicians and I have included videos of each flute being played to help you determine what is best for you. If you are looking for your first flute, check out the Sparrow Hawk and Whitetail Hawk – easy to play, a very pleasing tone and affordable. The smaller Merlin and Kestrel are also very affordable, fun flutes. If you need more help deciding, give us a call at 1-800-394-1523.

If you are a first-time flute buyer, I have a page to help you figure out where to start. Click here for that.

Play lots, have fun, let yourself go, and be creative. If you wish to share your experience with the flute, please write.

I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy The Journey,