About High Spirits Double and Triple Flutes - High Spirits Flutes

About Our Double and Triple Flutes "old version"

Our double flutes are as easy to play as our single flutes, it just take a little more breath. On a double flute you play the melody on one side of the flute, using the six fingering holes, while the second flute plays the root note known as a drone side.  The musical voice of our double flutes is magical because as one person plays, it sounds like two flutes playing together.

All our double flutes have two mouthpieces.  This allows you to you can play the flute as both a single flute or as a double flute, by simultaneously playing the melody side and the drone side.  No adjustments are needed to instantly transition between playing our double flutes in this way.

Our double flutes are offered in two design styles: our 'A-Frame' construction and our 'Side-By-Side' construction.  Though these two design styles look very different they are played in the same way and use very similar playing techniques.

Currently our double flutes are available in these three flute series:
Traditional Double Flutes (440 Hz only) - Nova Double Flutes - Signature Double Flutes (440 Hz only).

We also have lots of free video tutorials and resources for playing the double flute for the native flute community on our website and our YouTube Channel, which we encourage you to spend time exploring.

Triple Flutes are a very versatile and impressive looking instrument but they are more challenging to play. That is because they take more breath control and quite a bit more breath for good sound quality.  We generally only recommend them for experienced players.

Our Triple Flutes are only available in the musical key of 'A' minor.  They are designed so that the left-side flute plays the root note (a drone flute) in the key of 'A', the center flute (also in the key of 'A') plays the melody using six fingering holes, and the right-side flute has three fingering holes added to its drone flute in the key of 'A'.

Triple Flutes have three separate mouthpieces.  This gives the triple flute immense versatility because it can be played as a single flute, a double flute, or fully as a triple flute.

Though we do recommend triple flutes for the most experienced players, there is no age limit to who can enjoy this unique and beautiful flute.  And with a little practice and perseverance anyone can enjoy the satisfaction of playing one of our very special triple flutes.