High Spirits Flutes Digital Files Download Help

Digital Files - Download Help

Thanks for purchasing one of our digital products! We want your experience with downloading our digital items to be as simple and easy as possible so here are some instructions that we hope are helpful.

When you purchase and download one of our digital products you'll receive your item as a .ZIP file, which is a compressed file that allows large files to be more quickly downloaded.

There is one exception, when you purchase individual songs (one or more) they'll be directly downloaded as an .MP3 file and you will not need to follow the .ZIP file instructions.

When you download your digital item (like a song book or a music album) you'll receive the download as a .ZIP file.  To access the digital items you purchased you'll need to 'extract' them from the downloaded .ZIP file.  Once you extract (open) the downloaded .ZIP file you received, you'll then have the digital item/s you purchased.

Digital Song Books - our digital song books include a .PDF copy of the printed song book as well as .MP3 files for each of the play-along-songs that come as a CD with each song book.  After you open and extract the .ZIP file for a song book (see links below,) you'll have a folder that will contain the following files in it: a .PDF file for the digital song book, and .MP3 files for each play-along-song.

Digital Music Albums - our digital music albums are a folder titled with the album's name that contains an .MP3 for each song on the album.

For instructions on how to extract a .ZIP file on your computer or device please click one of the links below to view simple, step-by-step video instructions (via YouTube) on how to easily 'extract' your digital purchase from the .ZIP file you downloaded.

Windows Computers

Window 10 - how to open / extract a .ZIP file
Windows 7 - how to open / extract a .ZIP file 

Mac Computers

Mac OS X - how to open / extract a .ZIP file

Currently, we do not recommend that you download digital product .ZIP files to a smart phone or a tablet because it is a more difficult process.  If that's not an option, we've included the links below for video tutorials that will help explain how to open .ZIP files on these devices.

Apple Devices

iPad or iPhone - details on opening / extracting a .ZIP file

Android Devices

Android Phone or Tablet - details on opening / extracting a .ZIP file