The Ocarina Kit

How to Play Your Ocarina

How to Assemble Your Ocarina

The creative process of any hands-on project is always enjoyable and rewarding. That’s why we made this build-it-yourself Ocarina kit. This kit is simple to assemble and comes with everything you need, including easy-to-follow assembly and how-to-play instructions and comprehensive online instructional videos. The result is an instrument with an exceptional voice that anyone can play. Once completed the finished instrument can be decorated to match your personal creative style. Paint it, polish it, personalize it! The compact size of this instrument makes it easy to carry when enjoying the outdoors or traveling. It can be used as an accompanying instrument to create accent notes or nature sounds such as the eagle or hawk cries.  It is in tune with itself and ranges from "G" to "G#".

• Fun instrument to add to your collection.
• A unique gift that brings the joy of creativity and music.
• Enhance and personalize your completed Ocarina with polish or paint!
• Ideal as an educational craft project for schools, scouting, summer camps or for entertainment.

It is a complete kit - everything needed to assemble the ocarina is included (no tools required) 

Ocarina Instruction Sheet:  Click here to download the instruction sheet. 

Songs and Scales for Your Ocarina: 
Ocarina Scales
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Amazing Grace