Travis Terry - High Spirits Flutes

Travis Terry

Born of the indigenous Gila River Pima Nation in Seaton, Arizona, Travis Terry grew up surrounded by ethnic music and instruments of long ago, including the Native American Flute. As a child he had a natural appreciation for music, which contributed to him becoming a self-taught flutist in his adult years.

Travis’ military service sent him around the world exposing him to the musical traditions of various cultures. Ethnic music was a continual interest and drew him closer to his dream of creating music.

Travis has always been grateful to his parents for supporting his dreams and at the same time continually teaching him and his sisters the indigenous Pima culture, traditions and language. These values have aided him in blending contemporary culture with his heritage of the “Desert People.”  This conscious blending of cultures is very much reflected in Travis’ musical compositions and playing style.

After military service, Travis visited Canyon De Chelly where his good fortune led him to meet his lovely wife, Cara, and settle in Chinle. Cara and her Navajo family taught Travis the ways and language of the Diné. Today Travis considers the Diné as much his family as he does his Pima heritage. Travis’ musical diversity and compositions affirm that he truly belongs to two indigenous Nations.

Much of the music Travis composes reflects the Canyon’s history and powerful combination of beauty and mystery. The overwhelming success of his previous CD project, “Echoes of the Canyon Wall,” has spurred him on to continue creating songs that are inspired by such a magical place.

His talent as a flute player and song writer have taken Travis around the country performing, teaching and spreading good will throughout this multicultural nation.