1-Inch Bore Condor Bass - E - Poplar - High Spirits Flutes

1-Inch Bore Condor Bass - E - Poplar

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Our 1-Inch Condor Bore Bass flute in the key of 'E' minor is handcrafted in Poplar wood.  This limited edition Poplar flute is hardwood giving it a crisp, well-articulated musical voice with exceptional clarity especially on the high notes.

This flute's decorative fetish is inspired by birds' "magnetoreception" which gives them the ability to sense the Earth's magnetic field. The fetish has an Onyx stone inlay. This flute is approximately 24-inches (61 cm) in length.

Our one-inch bore bass flutes, with their deeper musical voices, are versatile and very popular. As a smaller traditional-style bass flute they are more easily played by a variety of hand sizes. And the key of "E" minor is a great accompaniment for playing with guitars.

In our woodshop, we often get small batches of unique wood varieties that we like to experiment with. In the case of this Poplar wood we found it had excellent sound quality but it was challenging to work with long-term because of its hardness.

As woodworkers, artisans, and musicians, we love to see these creative experiments through to completion even when we only make a small batch of flutes, and these can often turn out to be our favorites since they're one-of-a-kind.

This is a six-hole flute. We cover the third hole from the top of the flute (known as the sixth hole) with a leather tie, which give the player the option of using it as a six-hole or a five-hole flute.


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