Buckskin Flute Bag - Small - High Spirits Flutes

Buckskin Flute Bag - Small

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These hand-crafted Buckskin leather bags are created from thick top grain hides that are supple and soft. Because of its durability and strength, leather is a traditional material used to create flute bags.

The flute is securely locked into these bags with a horn button closure. The added shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry the wooden flutes on walks and hikes.

Our Small Buckskin Bag is 20 inches long x 4 inches at its widest (51 cm x 10 cm). It will hold a flute up to 19 inches (48 cm) which makes it ideal for these flutes:

All Mid-Tone flutes in this musical key -
Key of 'A'

All High Tone flutes in these musical keys -
Key of 'B' / key of 'C' / key of 'D' / key of 'E' / key of 'F#' 

This flute bag will not fit any bass flutes, or mid-tone flutes in the key of 'G' or 'F#' - please feel free to contact us if you have a question about the size of this bag.


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