Chakra 'A' Third Eye Spirit Flute with Clear Stand (Final Sale) - High Spirits Flutes

Chakra 'A' Third Eye Spirit Flute with Clear Stand (Final Sale)

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FINAL SALE - Sound Quality Guaranteed
Our limited edition, Clear Plexiglass Flute Stand and Chakra 'A' Third Eye Spirit Flute (handcrafted from a single piect of Aromatic Cedar) was a flute package created especially for this holiday season.

We experimented with a 'floating' flute stand concept and made a small amount of these clear plexiglass flute stands. Rather than selling them individually we decided to pair them with an easy to play, beginner-friendly, Spirit Flute in the mid-tone key of 'A' minor.

This is an ideal gift set for any musician or creative spirit! We have a limited supply of these clear plexi flute stands so if you like this style don't hesitate or it might sell-out and we won't be making more.

Because of its range of notes, our Chakra 'A' Third Eye Spirit Flute this flute is tuned in the key of "A" minor but it can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "C". This flute is approximately 18-inches (44 cm) in length.