Classic Merlin - high C - Birch

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Our classic Merlin in the key of "C" minor is handcrafted from Birch, which is a hardwood that gives this flute a bright, clear tonal voice.  Because of its smaller size it is a very easy to flute to play, and the Birch wood makes it a durable flute for outdoor use.

The Merlin is the highest octave we make in this key and it makes a great accompaniment to our bass-tone Condor "C" flute.

This is a 6-hole flute; we cover the 3rd hole from the top of the flute with a leather cover, which allows it to be a 5-hole flute that can be easily learned to play.  This flute is approximately 17 inches (45 cm) in length.

Note - flute body designs may vary slightly.

Each flute (excluding our Pocket Flute & Eagle Bone Ocarina) automatically includes Odell's FREE 'How-To-Play' Instructional Materials which comes with: printed instructional booklet with fingering charts as well as an instructional DVD with both Odell's Beginner and Intermediate tutorial videos.


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