Double Nova Flute Key of "A", Mojave

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The Nova Series has a unique rectangular bore, giving the flute a distinctive shape and creative possibilities. This shotgun style double flute has two, side by side mouthpieces so one can play it as a single flute or double flute. The concave mouthpiece shape fits comfortably against the lips. The fingering holes on the melody side are offset to the center, making it easier to reach the finger holes from both sides.

The main body of the flute is walnut, and the top and bottom plates are birch-ply veneer. The sound plate is created from walnut and is flat, making it compact and sleek.

There are two designs available, the “Two Crows” and the “Mojave.”

The Double Nova travels well; its sleek rectangular shape fits easily into backpacks and gig bags.

This flute is in the key of “A” minor and also plays the relative major key of “C.”

Length: 16.5", width 2.25”, depth: 0.875”.
Item# -  NV-120


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