First Hawk Flute Package

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Our First Hawk Beginner Flute Package is perfect for first-time wooden flute players.

The First Hawk is a 6-hole wooden flute handcrafted from Spanish Cedar; to make learning to play the wooden flute easier, we cover the 3rd hole from the top with a leather tie so that a new player can choose to play it as either a 6-hole flute, or as a 5-hole flute which takes less dexterity.

This 19-inch (48 cm) flute is an ideal size for beginners or those with smaller hands.  The First Hawk flute is tuned in the key of "A" minor but it can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "C".

The First Hawk Beginner Flute Package includes: one First Hawk flute handcrafted from Spanish Cedar, one Small Cloth Flute Bag, one Native Spirit Song Book Vol. 1, and one How-To-Play Instructional DVD and Booklet.

Crafted from Spanish cedar, a soft wood, the flute is sealed with non-toxic oils which give it a warm, resonant and full voice. What may look like a check line is actually a natural grain line in the wood of your flute. Spanish cedar has naturally-occurring dark lines in the grain which are often mistaken for cracks. If your flute is crafted out of Spanish cedar, please watch this video to help you distinguish between check lines and wood grain.



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