September Flute Of The Month Package - White Tail Hawk 'B' Walnut & Turquoise

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This special 'Flute Of The Month' Package includes the following items:

(1) Flute - White Tail Hawk 'B' Walnut with Turquoise Inlay
The White Tail Hawk with turquoise cabochons in the key of "B" minor is made from domestic Walnut, which is a hardwood. The flute is sealed with non-toxic oils that give it a clear, bright voice. The inlaid Turquoise cabochons add to the natural beauty of this flute and enhance the functional art-qualities of this handcrafted instrument.

(1) Flute Bag - Small High Spirits Flute Bag
The High Spirits Flute Bag is constructed with suede cloth that is lined with a second layer of quilted padding to give an extra layer of protection for your flute. The seams are securely stitched with durable nylon giving the instrument the safekeeping needed while traveling or for outdoor activities.

(1) Song Book - Native Spirit Song Book Vol. 2
This song book includes a collection of twenty Native American songs from various tribal backgrounds. These songs are beautifully simple and convey a heartfelt communication with the spirit of nature.

(1) Music CD - Southern Migration by Zach Farley
Inspired by the extraordinary migration the Sand Hill Cranes undertake each year to the wetlands in Southern Arizona.  From beginning to end, this native flute album is a filled with songs and melodies that are sure to inspire, soothe, and uplift one's spirits.

(1) Instructional Booklet & DVD - 'How To Play' Native Flute Instruction
Odell Borg's 'How-To-Play The Native Flute' Instructions includes both the Beginner and Intermediate Instructional DVDs.  All instruction is taught by Odell; in addition two DVDs you'll also receive: a comprehensive printed instructional booklet that is illustrated and easy to use.