Hand Drums

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Hand drums are fun and easy to play, and they sound great when paired with the native flute.  Hand drums are especially good at setting a bass rhythm while a native flute plays a melody.

From a simple rhythm or complex drum pattern, the native flute and the hand drum make an great musical combination that can truly enhance ones playing experience.

Our hand drums are handcrafted in Indiana, USA from cedar and deer hide, and each drum is one of a kind. There is a hand-chosen stone constructed into the handle of each drum, which provides a solid, grounding grip while playing it.

Hand drums provide a variety of musical tones depending on where the face of the drum is played. At the outside edges tones have a higher tone, while the center of the drum has a much deeper tone.

The diameter of the drum (the drum's size) also helps determine the drum's sound; generally larger drums have deeper tone while smaller drums have a high tone.

Each of our hand drums includes a wooden mallet with a padded leather-end so you have a choice of playing the drum using your hand or with the leather mallet.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - unfortunately we are unable to ship hand drums outside of the United States, due to restrictions enforced by the U.S. Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service; we apologize for this inconvenience.