Pocket Flute "A" - Aromatic Cedar

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These wooden flutes are finished with a non toxic oil which gives them a bright, clear voice and provides creative fun for all ages.

This is our highest octave made in the key of "A" and is a good accompaniment instrument for the two other lower-tone "A" flutes, the Sparrow Hawk flute and the Contra Bass "A" flute.

The Pocket Flute easily fits into the pocket or back pack.

Because this wooden flute is used by many children, this is the only High Spirits flute where the fetish is permanently glued down.

This flute is 9 inches (23 cm) long.
ITEM # 601-C

Pocket Flute instructions are only available online: Click here for Pocket Flute "A" instructions.

Softwoods tend to produce a warm tonal quality. Hardwoods have a bit more clarity, especially on the high notes.

Aromatic Cedar: 
Even though it is classified as a softwood, it has a fine balance between clarity on the high notes and warmth on the low notes.

Spanish Cedar: 
It is considered a soft wood. The overall voice is warm and even. Due to its durable grain structure it is ideal for kids

It is a hardwood which produces an overall clear voice especially on the high notes. Its hardwood durability makes it ideal for hiking and general outdoor use.

PLEASE NOTE: The tonal quality between the individual woods is subtle.  When indecisive in making a wood selection, select the wood that is most visually appealing.   All the Pocket Flute choices have a pleasing voice.


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