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Preservation Signature Bass 'E' Aromatic Cedar (all sales final)

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ALL SALES FINAL - Sound Quality Guaranteed
Our Preservation Collection reflects our commitment to sustainability, respect for the Earth's natural resources, and the woodworking process. Preservation Collection flutes meet the exact same sound quality standards as all our other flutes at a deep discount! Their difference is that they may have design differences, adaptations, unique woods, limited quantities on one-of-a-kind flutes, slight cosmetic imperfections, minor shaping inconsistencies, which do not detract from the flute's purpose in any way. Each Preservation Collection flute remains a high-quality, American handcrafted, woodwind instrument. As with all of our flutes, we stand by our musical instrument quality reputation, and sound quality is always guaranteed.

The Preservation Signature Bass 'E' flute is truly one of a kind. Handcrafted from a single piece of Aromatic Cedar, this one-inch bore bass flute is striking in both sound and sight. We consider Aromatic Cedar a premier tonal wood, which gives the flute's musical voice that is finely balance between resonant warmth and precise clarity.

This one-of-a-kind design has a sleek modern uni-body design that's enhanced by a Sandhill Crane birdhead fetish, which is hand-shaped from the unique buttery blonde Sapwood of Aromatic Cedar.

This Signature Bass 'E' flute is 25-inches (63 cm) in length with a compact 1-inch bore diameter making it is easier to play than our traditional bass flutes which have a larger bore size.

Our Signature Flute series combine artistry with functionality to create exceptional finely crafted, American-made wind instruments. The unique internal design of our Signature Flutes offers players of all levels exceptional responsiveness, musical control, and superior acoustic amplification, making them ideal for performances in any genre of music.

It is tuned in the key of 'E' minor but can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of 'G' major.

Note - the sound sample features our Signature Migration Bass 'E' flute, which is an exact replica of this flute; only the visual design of the flute differs from this one and that's why it's a part of our Preservation Collection.


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