Signature Merlin "high C" - Aromatic Cedar w/ Turquoise Inlay

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The clear bright voice of the Signature Merlin flute is smooth and full. This flute has wonderfully clear high notes and warm full low notes. Very little breath is needed to play the flute allowing easy control over the notes and playing techniques. It has strong amplitude and is very responsive giving the player an intimate feel for the notes being played.

The combination of aromatic cedar which is an ideal tonal wood and hand polishing to a fine finish with several layers of non-toxic oils provides the flute with an excellent balance of clarity and warmth.

We have committed to making only one hundred of this Signature Merlin flute design.

This flute is the highest octave in the key of "C" minor we make and can be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "E". It is a wonderful accompaniment for the lower octave Condor Bass Flute "C".

The Signature Merlin is very easy to play and would also be a good flute size for someone starting their flute journey and with its bright voice it is ideal for playing in drum circles.

This wooden flute is 15.5 inches (39 cm) long.
ITEM # SIG-106-C
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