Spirit Flute - Side Blown: "G" Middle Eastern Scale

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Instructional Video - How to Play|Instructional Booklet (PDF)
The Middle Eastern Spirit Flute in the key of “G” has an exotic voice. It is a larger flute, deeper in pitch than Spirit Flutes in higher keys of “C” or “D”. It plays dynamic melodies that have a romantic, mysterious feel. No matter what you play on this flute an exotic Middle Eastern feel comes through strongly.

This is a Side Blown Spirit Flute. It’s unique because it plays sideways like a transverse flute (e.g. silver flutes) but it doesn’t require that you learn a technical mouth position to do so, to play this flute you simply blow directly into it. This design allows everyone to play a transverse flute right away, no musical experience necessary.

This flute fills a space with movement and wonder. It is accurately tuned so it can be played along with other instruments and is a wonderful accompaniment for all types of hand drums and stringed instruments like the guitar, cello, and Oud (a middle eastern stringed instrument).

The holes on this flute are a bit further apart so we recommend it for those who have played instruments before or for beginners with larger hands.

Spirit Flutes are crafted from renewable and domestically grown walnut and sealed with non-toxic oils, giving them a warm, resonant, full voice. All Spirit Flutes are crafted in the United States and we are proud to be a part of a long tradition of American craftsmanship.

Included is a FREE instructional DVD, instructional book and fingering charts.

This flute is 19.4 inches (49 cm) long.


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