Stained Deer Hide Hand Drum - 18 inches (46 cm) diameter

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INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: Due to restrictions placed by the US Department of Interior: Fish and Wildlife Services, we are unable to ship our hand drums outside of the United States.
Playing a hand drum is quite easy. It is an ideal instrument to accompany the flute because it sets the rhythm while the flute plays the melody. Whether it is a simple rhythm or complex pattern the flute and drum make an idyllic combination that will enhance your playing experience.

Our hand drums are hand crafted in the USA from cedar and deer hide. A notable feature on these drums is the hand-picked stone that is built into its handle. This stone provides a solid grounding grip while playing it. The walnut stain adds character and makes each drum one of a kind.

Hand drums play a gradient of tones, from higher pitched tones on the outside edge to full deep tones in the heart center. Depending on the situation and the sound that feels right these drums can be played with a mallet or with your hand.  Overall, larger hand drums have deeper tones than smaller ones.

Each drum comes with a wooden mallet that has a padded leather end for playing.
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