Double Two Hawks "A" - Walnut - Drone Modification (w/ Fingering Holes)

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Our Two Hawks Double Flute in the key of A minor is made from domestic Walnut, which is a hardwood that gives the flute a clear, bright tonal voice.

Double native flutes are as easy to play as a single native flutes they take just a bit more breath. With a double flute you play the melody on one flute while the drone-side flute plays a root note.  Double flutes create the sound of two flutes playing with only only player.

Double flutes also have two mouthpieces (one for each flute) so you can instantly be played as a double flute or a single flute without any adjustments.  The design style of High Spirits double flutes is unique and generates good amplitude (volume) while the drone-side flute plays both the low and high octaves easily.

The three added fingering holes on the drone-side of the flute creates additional musical range by expanding the flute's flexibility and diversity.  Removable leather hole covers are included for each of the drone-side fingering holes, which allows you to easily change the drone's root note.

The Two Hawks Double Flute is a great accompaniment to our low-tone Contra Bass A and our high-tone Pocket Flute A.

Flutes tuned to the key of A minor can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale, in the key of C major.  This flute is 19 inches long x 7.25 inches wide (48 cm long x 18 cm wide).

Our native flute, digital  instruction library includes free how-to-play resources for our double flutes.

Drone Holes Modification: 

We offer the option of adding three fingering holes to the drone-side of the flute (the three low notes). We cover these holes with removable leather ties so you can change the drone note, adding another level of flexibility to this already diverse flute.

Modify your double flute with drone-side holes for an additional: $45.00

Download our Fingering Charts for Drone Flutes here.

Each flute (excluding our Pocket Flute & Eagle Bone Ocarina) automatically includes Odell's FREE 'How-To-Play' Instructional Materials which comes with: printed instructional booklet with fingering charts as well as an instructional DVD with both Odell's Beginner and Intermediate tutorial videos.


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