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Steven Rushingwind: Bridging Cultures Through Music

Postado em junho 20, 2023 por Mindy Mellenbruch

Steven Rushingwind - Ruiz:

Steven Rushingwind (or just Rushingwind) is a multi-talented artist in music and the visual arts. As a musician of Native American and Mexican descent, Steve's music is a blend of unique influences that transcend cultural boundaries. He works with a variety of other musicians including Michael Mucklow & Age Reite. Steve performs both solo and with his band "Rushingwind & The Native Groove"

Early Inspirations and Cultural Roots: 

Steven Rushingwind-Ruiz was deeply influenced by his cultural heritage from a young age. His love for music and artistic expression blossomed within a family of talented artists, both musicians and painters. However, it was the Native American flute that truly captured Steven's heart, becoming the instrument through which he would connect with his ancestral roots and forge a remarkable musical career.

A Harmonious Friendship and Collaborative Partnership: 

Odell Borg, the visionary behind High Spirits Flutes, recognized Steven Rushingwind's exceptional talent as a flutist and embraced him as a kindred spirit. A friendship was forged between the two, fueling their shared passion for Native American music and their dedication to preserving cultural heritage. Their creative collaboration resulted in an album by Rushingwind, called “Keeper of Secrets” released in 2018 (Available on Within the enchanting melodies of this album, Rushingwind weaves a tapestry of his roots and remembrances - a melodic journey through tranquil and, at times, energetic compositions. 

Musical Journey and Awards:

Steven Rushingwind has released several solo albums that have garnered critical acclaim and international recognition. From his debut album "Cloudrunner" to the award-winning "Bridge" and "Among the Ancients," each release showcases his artistry and deep connection with his heritage. The Native American Music Awards recognized his talent, honoring him with awards for "Best New Age Recording" and "Best Instrumental."

Visual Art: A Parallel Expression of Creativity:

Steven Rushingwind's artistic spirit finds expression not only in music, but the visual arts as well. As a self-taught artist hailing from a family of artists, he has explored various mediums and styles. From landscape and plein air paintings to wood sculptures and captivating large-scale installations, Rushingwind's artwork captivates viewers with its vibrant colors and imaginative perspectives. His artistic endeavors have been showcased in galleries across California and Washington DC, leaving a lasting impression on art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Latest Album Release:

Rushingwind & Mucklow just released their fifth album titled: “5th Element” -  now on all streaming services. Preview Rushingwind's music at

Upcoming Concert:

August 13, 2023, Rushingwind & Mucklow will be performing at the Laguna Art A Fair. This eagerly anticipated event will feature the debut of their latest album, "5th Element."

Odell Borg & Steve Rushingwind 2018