Blanket Flute Bag | Color: Oasis - High Spirits Flutes

Blanket Bag - Oasis

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Our Blanket Flute Bags are constructed from durable, acrylic fabric woven with modern southwestern motifs, and are made to fit a single flute within them.  Flute bags provide helpful protection from dents, scratches, and excessive sun exposure.

The Blanket Bag design has a fold-over top flap which closes the bag and provides added protective padding for the body of the flute, and a lace tie secures the flap and the flute within the bag. These flute bags are durable and machine washable.

Each bag has a unique one-of-a kind pattern because of the large pieces of fabric from which they are cut.

Our Blanket Bags are proudly created and sewn in Tucson, Arizona.

Blanket Bag Dimensions

Small: approximately 4-inches wide; fits flutes up to 18-inches long.
Medium: approximately 4-inches wide; fits flutes up to 24-inches long.
Large: approximately 6-inches wide; fits flutes up to 30-inches long.