Kestrel Trio Package (Final Sale) - High Spirits Flutes

Kestrel Trio Package (Final Sale)

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Our Kestrel Trio Package includes all three musical keys that we make in our high-tone Kestrel series. These full size flutes are handcrafted from a single piece of Aromatic Cedar and finished with a nontoxic oil that seals in their visual and musical beauty.

The Kestrel are compact high-tone flutes ideal for all skill levels including beginners. They sound great being played individually or they feature beautifully in an ensemble, like a soprano voice within a group of singers. Each is approximately 15-inches (38 cm) in length and easy to play.

Our Kestrel Flutes Trio Package includes all three high-tone minor keys (E / D / F#) as well as a Triple Pyramid Stand (your choice in color) to display the American craftmanship of these pieces of functional art.

Learn More About Each Flute In The Package -
Kestrel 'E'
Kestrel 'D'
Kestrel 'F#'
Pyramid Flute Stand Cognac  OR  Pyramid Flute Stand Black

Our Kestrel flutes are especially great as an accompaniment to any of our mid-tone or bass-tone flutes in the same 440 Hz frequency and musical key. That would include our Condor Bass 'D', our Spirit Flute Bass 'E', or our Spirit Flute 'F#'.