Bill Miller visits High Spirits Flutes

Bill Miller visits High Spirits Flutes

Posted on August 01, 2015 by Odell Borg

Bill Miller is a multi-Grammy award winning native flute musician who is famous worldwide for his collaboration with singer Vanessa Williams on the song ‘Colors Of The Wind,’ the theme song from the Disney movie ‘Pocahontas;’ Bill also had his song ‘Approaching Thunder’ featured in the final episode of the TV show ‘Sex In The City.’

In addition to his musical contribution to entertainment world, Bill has toured internationally with The Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra where he performed in a symphony that featured native flute, which he helped create. Bill continues to tour throughout North America sharing his extensive musical talent. This spring Bill Miller visited High Spirits Flutes where he and Odell had the opportunity to play music together and to do an interview, which we’re sharing here:

Odell Borg interviews Bill Miller:



Bill Miller and Odell Borg - Duet



Bill Biller - After All and Praises



Bill Miller, Odell Borg and Zach Farley



Bill Miller, Odell Borg and Zach Farley - All Along the Watchtower  


Colors of the Wind



Bill Miller - Bird Song



Bill Miller - Amazing Grace