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About The Spirit Flute

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Spirit Flutes are a unique and distinctive type of flute that are completely different from our Native American Style Flutes.

Like the Recorder, Spirits Flutes are shorter than our Native American Style Flutes. By shortening the Spirit Flute's design we've been able to reduce the overall length of the flutes, which make covering the fingering holes easier, especially for those with smaller hands. This is particularly true for the deeper tone flutes, making them accessible to the majority of flute players.

The design of the Spirit Flute has a shorter mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is approximately 1-inch to 1.25-inches in length from the mouth end to the Fipple or the rectangular sound hole on the flute.

This shorter distance minimizes watering-out (also known as moisture build-up caused by breath) by forcing the accumulated moisture build-up out of the flute, which allows for longer, continual playing.

The compact mouthpiece gives good control of the sound volume and projection known as amplitude, providing choices from playing softly to playing more loudly.

The short distance between the mouth-hole and the Fipple provides the option of creating more back-pressure to reach the higher notes more clearly.

Instead of a Native American Style Flute fetish, Spirit Flutes have a flat plate permanently fixed to the body of the flute. This gives the flute a compact profile that is ideal for travel, hiking, backpacking, or any other outdoor activities.

In the creation of the new Spirit Flutes, our intention was to pay close attention to size and cost. The first goals in creating the Spirit Flutes was to continue providing a great voice and a practical flute size so most adult-sized hands could play.

Our second intention was affordability so with each step of the process we focused on making the Spirit Flutes financially accessible to all players, from beginners to experienced flute performers.