Caring for Your Flute - High Spirits Flutes

Caring for Your Flute

General Flute Care

The flutes need very little care. There is some information in the instruction booklet. It is best to keep them in a bag or cloth away from direct sunlight. We offer a selection of bags, or you can make your own.

We offer a Flute Care Kit that contains everything you need to refinish your flute's luster. If you wish to re-oil your flute without our Care Kit, use an oil that you do not mind putting your mouth on. Wooden salad bowl oil or processed vegetable oils (they do not get rancid) will work. The oil we recommend is Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner.

A more ambitious project would be to use a non-toxic Tung oil (most Tung oils are non-toxic) and follow the instructions on the product label. That is what our flutes are finished with. As far as removing moisture, a cloth swab on a dowel or wire will work well. Those items are included in our Flute Care Kit.



Sometimes a single flute will be shared with multiple friends or students. We recommend you use a disposable hygienic flute straw, and change it for each user. We use 3/8" outside diameter clear vinyl tubing which you can buy at any hardware store ( Home depot, Ace Hardware, etc.). While doctors we have spoken to say that after a flute has dried any germs will have died in the process, we feel using the flute straws is the best way to go.