About High Spirits Flutes Tuning Standards

Tuning Details

All High Spirits Flutes are tuned within 20 cents of the pitch tonality; more specifically it is our general policy to tune our flutes 20 cents over 440 Hz.   Each flute is tuned in an environment that is at an average of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) and at a humidity condition of 35%.

Additionally important; all wind instruments are affected by the amount of air pressure that is projected into them, and this applies to our flutes as well.  When a player puts too much air pressure into the flute, the tuning will go sharp. When a player is not delivering enough air pressure, the tuning will go flat.

Because of this, even when our flutes are tuned pitch perfect, a player's lack of breath control may cause a flute to register as 'out of tune' on a tuning device.  Experimenting with the air pressure and volume will provide more flexibility with getting the tuning to ones needs.

Additionally, weather, temperature, and humidity all have the potential to impact the sound quality of a wood flute.  Based on our experience, we suggest flutes be warmed up for 24-hours in the environment where they will be used professionally (such as recording or performance) for the most pristine sound quality.  For optimal sound quality, we recommend that our flutes are played in environments 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) or warmer.