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Flute Shout-Outs!

Posted on June 29, 2021 by Camista Gallagher

Spirit Flute 440 Hz - Key of 'A' Minor - Spanish Cedar
I love how light this flute is, the smell of the Spanish Cedar and the sound of this flute. This is a great flute for a first time player. I have only taken two lessons so far and am so excited to begin my sacred flute journey with my beautiful new flute. Shared by D.E. -- California



Throat Chakra Spirit Flute, Key of 'G' - Aromatic Cedar
When I saw that High Spirits now has a line of Spirit Flutes in aromatic cedar I was like, wow – yes! I have only had it one day and can only say great things about this flute. First, it is beautiful – it is a pleasure to hold and look at. As far as the tone, there is that clarity and warmth of cedar, but it goes even further. It is like a burst of gorgeous tone with a breath of air riding on top of it. It plays light but sounds full. The tuning is perfect. The holes are easy to play as well as pitch bends and half-holes. Two full notes above octave are available for expanded repertoire. This is my second Spirit Flute. I also have the Em in 432 from last year, which has been with me on many-a-trip. The word that comes to mind with both flutes is “precision”. The precision of the craftsmanship allows me to be a good flute player for my audience. To get this kind of music from a compact size flute is probably what I am most gratified about. Shared by M.K. -- Pennsylvania

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