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The Quote Behind The Man - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter

Posted on October 03, 2022 by Angela Ferdinardo

 Jean Paul Friedrich Richter lived from 1763 through 1825 and was one of the most influential writers of the Romanticism literary movement. However, the literary complexity of his works paired with intellectual allusions present challenges for modern readers, so his works are often left unread. Paul was well-known for his humor and the controversial writing of his time. He was often regarded as 'the poet of secular religion and humanism' by Romantic poet Eichendorff and compared to Goethe and Schiller by others. 

Paul's quote "the flute is the true magical rod that changes all it touches in the inward world; an enchanter's wand at which the secret depths of the soul open. The moonlight that shines into our hearts," can be found in his novel The Twins Walt and Vult. Combining the topics of psychology and philosophy, Paul's novel explores the concepts of identity between two non-identical twin characters. Each character represents an ambiguity that modern-day cultures have altered into their own unique adaptations. Throughout the years, Walt and Vault's characters have taken on multiple forms of appearance, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. 

Walt and Vault is one of Paul's lesser-known works compared to his more famous novels Titan and Hesperus. We hope you enjoy this beautiful quote encompassing the magic of the flute, the flute player, and the atmosphere of October as much as we do!