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Your Stories of the Native Flute: From Arizona to a river in Switzerland

Posted on October 30, 2019 by Odell Borg

Hello Odell,

This week I received my latest High Spirits flute. A high F# Kestrel. It’s the highest pitched flute I have, and even if I prefer bass, this little one sounds beautiful.
At first, I was surprised by its smelling. I know how your different wood flutes smells, and this one was something else than my other HS wallnut flutes. It was smelling like smoky, like a campfire! I liked the smell... then I thought you has issues with fire! Is it possible that this flute was there? And kept the smell?
I really hope that is wasn’t too bad and that everything is better for you now.
Today, I was on a trek, along a beautiful river. Enchanted by nature. I found a nice place to play, and started with my Earthtone bass D. But after a song, I told to my wife that I had no good vibes here, with this flute. The bass sound didn’t fits with that sunny day, with the sound of the river and the birds singing. I was kind of deceived. It wasn’t as magic as I expected.
Then I remembered that in my backpack, I left a little space for my tinny « smoky » Kestrel. I took it, and started to play! It was wonderful! I was singing with the birds and river. I felt real emotion by playing, almost had tears.
It made me think about life and destiny. This little one was made by a master in the south of Arizona. Maybe she survived fire, and crossed an ocean. Then, along a river of Switzerland, by a sunny day, she found her place and began to sing like never before.
Everyday we face challenges, but in hard times we should remember the story of this little Kestrel, and listen to her when she sing « What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger! ». And today she was strong and connected with nature. Giving us the blessing and a lot of emotions.
Keep going Odell, you are doing Good in this mad world. As long as a flute will sing in the beautiful nature, this world will get stronger.

Thank you, kind regards, Daniel

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