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Your Stories of the Native Flute: Grief, Peace and a friend in music

Posted on December 27, 2019 by Odell Borg

Hi, I just wanted to connect with you and share a bit of a story with you.

I have played the flutes for over 5 years now and I have been loving the Learn to Play video series and your song books. I love the ease of being able to pick up the flute and play it anytime. It's much easier than setting up my crystal singing bowls and gongs. Along in this journey I learnt a story of the origin of the flute from the Comanche, Healing Grief, which guided me in a time when I lost my son.

I know there are many better flutist out there. Even so, I have courageously produced a beautiful new CD: Peace – Meditation Music to Inspire Peace. The project gently weaves the healing sounds of the Native American flute with sounds of nature and other sacred healing instruments.

This CD has been inspired by my son, Paul Peace Walton, who suddenly died from an asthma attack on 31st August 2015. He was such a great kid; he had a big heart, was very artistic and had a great sense of humor too. Actually, it was laughing so much while watching the movie, Daddy Daycare, that gave him the severe asthma attack that finished his life.  He always enjoyed my flute playing and it has become a way that I communicate with him. My heart carried across the veils on sweet melodies.

Through my grieving process music has been my friend, always there to comfort, to support, to allow release, to inspire and to heal. I've been blessed to have this healing tool.

You have been such an integral part of my journey and you would never know unless I shared this with you. I want you to know that on the back of the CD cover I've included a thank you to you.

In harmony, Renee Cashman aka Sound Angel


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