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Your Stories of the Native Flute: Sharing Music, Finding Connection

Posted on April 29, 2020 by Jonah Mulski

Hi Odell,

I learned of your flute giveaway as I'm on your email list from when I purchased my Sparrow Hawk last year. I have enjoyed Native American flute music for over 30 years as my parents lived in Chinle for many years where my father was a doctor. They were very connected to the Navajos from their time there. Inspiration came and I began to play last year.

I told my wife about the giveaway and to my pleasant surprise, she expressed an interest in playing and decided to see if she could catch one of the flutes you so generously were sharing in this giveaway.

She was successful and her flute arrived yesterday. She could not wait to start playing and last night she worked at it until she got some good sounds from it.

The arrival of this wonderful gift is very timely for her.

She is a police officer in San Francisco and is under a tremendous amount of stress with the covid-19 crisis. She is eligible to retire but continues to serve with her fellow officers in a truly admirable fashion.

She is also an artist having studied at the Academy of Art SF for 9 years and graduating with a degree in fine art. Oil on canvas is her preferred medium. Seeing her play her flute means so much to me! For her, artistic expression is a primary path to decompression. In just 1 day, I see how this new form of expression is truly meaningful to her. Thank you so much!

Kind Regards,




Dear Odell and team,

Thank you so much for the flute giveaway!  I received my flute today, it's beautiful.  Even more beautiful are the people behind this giveaway.  Thank you for the reminder of kindness, thank you for sharing your talents and bringing music and joy to people at a time like this. 

I haven't played or even listened to any music for weeks.  We are under stay at home orders here in SoCal and the news are grim on TV.  The last few days I did whatever work I could from my laptop and have done nothing else.  When I opened the package from you today I couldn't resist but to play.  I had forgotten how great music feels, it truly is uplifting and healing.  Thank you for reminding us of that and for bring that joie de vivre back into the lives of people. 




Dear High Spirits and Odell,

I was very touched by hearing Odell's beautiful talk this morning. I shared it with my wife and it brought tears to both of us. Thank you! My family are all professional musicians, (me, my wife and our children) used to performing several concerts a week (average 180 per year for me for the last 40 years). Everything for us is of course canceled for the unknown future, though we are teaching a little bit on line. Hearing Odell's words and his brief playing really made our day, and his philosophy of music being a healing force, and bringing peace of mind is something deeply embedded in our consciousness.

I have two of your crow ebonized walnut flutes G and F# and love playing them daily. I'm recently finished a big composition project for the Colorado Symphony that will use the G flute when we get back to work, we were scheduled to record it in late May but that's canceled for now.

We all just wanted to thank Odell for his words, his great spirit, and of course the beautiful instruments. Stay healthy, caring, kind, and at peace, and keep sharing the positive messages!

With respect and gratitude,

Bill Hill

William Hill 
Principal Timpanist/Composer Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Adjunct Instructor of Composition, University of Denver Lamont School of Music
Music Director Evergreen Chamber Orchestra


Odell Borg and High Spirits staff,

I just received my free Spirit flute and I am thrilled!  I bought a Golden Eagle flute at your Tucson showroom in November and I play it every day.  My granddaughter has become very interested in playing and this flute is for her.  I can't thank you enough for making that possible.  Your free flute program is a wonderful, sincere expression of your concerns about our present situation and it says so much about you and High Spirits. Thank you!

Roger Gordon



Hi - just wanted to say thank you for the free flute - I love it, my kids love it and it's successfully driving my wife crazy ;) Just kidding, she loves it as well.

The flute has been next to one of us since we unboxed it yesterday, in one of our hands and it's bringing our attention to a lovely place while playing.

Looking forward to continuing this relationship and learning more about the flute.

Happy quarantining! Thanks for the April video posting as well - I enjoyed listening.