Your Stories of the Native Flute: Whole and healthier with the Native - High Spirits Flutes

Your Stories of the Native Flute: Whole and healthier with the Native Flute

Posted on August 28, 2019 by Odell Borg

Email us your stories! We would love to share them in this ongoing series. 
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Hi Odell,

    I am a hospital chaplain and have played Native Flute for people that are very sick, and some that were dying, and it has brought great comfort and peace to them. I am beginning a new venture in which I will be teaching Native Flute classes to those who have experienced serious heart issues (heart bypass surgery, heart catheterizations, etc.). The class is about incorporating spirituality and reducing stress into our lives, how we can become more whole and healthier. I know for myself that playing the flute is calming, peaceful, and soothing... healing. I plan to invite the people at these classes to consider playing flute as part of their healing process and to help them grow in their spiritual awareness. I believe that each of us has a song in our hearts that is uniquely ours, and that playing the flute is a way that we can echo that song back to the Creator. This helps us to heal whatever we may be suffering from physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am wondering if you would send me some business cards so that I can give them to those who are interested in integrating the Native Flute into their healing journey?

    Thank you for your dedication to serving others through your ministry of music education and providing such high quality instruments to those who choose to engage in the song of the flute.


    Deacon V.