CROWNChakra Spirit Flutekey of high B - Aromatic Cedar - High Spirits Flutes

Chakra Spirit Flute
key of high B - Aromatic Cedar

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The Crown Chakra Spirit Flute in the key of high 'B' minor (440 Hz) is a part of our Chakra Series. These are our first Spirit Flutes available in Aromatic Cedar, a softwood that produces a warm, resonate and full musical voice.

This flute is 12.5 inches (31.8 cm) long.

The engravings on this flute are of the mandala symbol that represents the crown chakra. The flute is embellished with a 6mm Amethyst cabochon; a crystal known to help activate and open the crown chakra.

We found the below website helpful when reading up on chakras and sound:

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