Merlin "C" - Aromatic Cedar - Wood High Tone Flute - High Spirits Flutes

Merlin 'C' Aromatic Cedar

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Our Merlin flute in the key of high 'C' minor is handcrafted from Aromatic Cedar, which is a softwood that gives the flute a warm, full musical voice. The Merlin 'C' is the highest octave flute that we make in the key of 'C'.

This flute is the highest octave we make in the Pentatonic key of 'C' minor, and it can also be played in the Relative Major Diatonic scale in the key of 'E'. This flute approximately 15.5 inches (39 cm) in length.

Because of it's length the Merlin 'C' is is very easy to play and makes a great accompaniment flute to any of our bass flutes in the key of 'C'.

This is a six hole flute. We automatically include a leather hole cover with this flute, which can be used on the third hole from the top of the flute, as seen in the product's images. Covering the third hole from the top makes the flute easier to learn to play. The leather hole cover can easily be untied and removed, giving the flute player the option of playing the instrument as either a five hole flute or a six hole flute.