Looking Wolf - key of F# - Signature Series Native Flute - High Spirits Flutes

Signature Looking Wolf - F♯ - Aromatic Cedar

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Our Looking Wolf Signature Flute is handcrafted from Aromatic Cedar, which is considered to be an exception tonal wood that gives the flute a clear, warm, and balanced voice.

The flute's design is a collaboration between Odell and native flute musician Jan Looking Wolf.  The design motif was inspired by Jan's connection to his tribal heritage as a member of the Kalapuya tribe of western Oregon, and his creative vision for 'unity and diversity' globally.

The body of the flute also incorporates the inlay of Mother-Of-Pearl stone cabochons, which in ancient times were attributed with the power to strengthen the bonds of family and friendship.

Each Signature Flute is designed to be both a musical instrument as well as a piece of beautiful artwork.  Our precision tuning insures that each Signature Flute is easily able to meet the requirements of any musician.

Our Signature Series flutes utilize a unique airflow design that provides exceptional responsiveness and player control, superior amplification, and makes them ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

This flute is tuned in the key of F♯ minor, which can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of A. It is 25 inches (64 cm) long with a 1-inch (2.5 cm) bore diameter.