Native Flute Care And Maintenance Kit - High Spirits Flutes

Native Flute Care Kit - Blue Bag

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In response to questions about how best to maintain our flutes, Odell created the High Spirits Flute Care Kit. Our native flute care kit comes in a single cotton cloth bag and includes materials to revitalize the natural luster of your wooden flute, wind shields for playing on windy days, and a strap to easily attach a microphone to your flute.

Included is a detailed instruction sheet explaining how to use each component of the kit is to be used, and we also created a set of comprehensive demonstration videos that walk you through how to use the native flute care kit step-by-step.

Included in our Native Flute Care Kit:

- Silicone finger pads (5) used for tight fingering seal & playing large hole flutes
- Microfiber cloth to use with wood conditioning oil
- Wood conditioning oil to maintain wood health (recommended 1-2 times per year)
- Cleaning rod used to access inside of flute for conditioning oil
- Velcro microphone straps for easy attachment
- Clear plastic wind shields for playing outdoors for sound quality

*Please Note: Finger pads not pictured, updated photo coming soon. The color of the care kit's bag may vary. Currently our care kit comes with a light blue, cotton denim bag, and will be different from the dark blue bag pictured.


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