Spirit Flute 432 Hz - high D - Spanish Cedar - High Spirits Flutes

Spirit Flute 432 Hz - high D - Spanish Cedar

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Our EarthTone Spirit Flute in the key of high 'D' minor is tuned to the 432 Hz, a frequency considered to be aligned with sound healing. This flute is handcrafted in southern Arizona from Spanish Cedar, which is a softwood that gives the flute a warm, rich musical voice with clarity on the high notes.

Our Spirit Flutes feature a unique fixed sound-plate that's design to be durable and travel-friendly because it cannot be unintentionally dislodged. It is approximately 11.0 inches (28 cm) in length making a small flute, which makes it great for travel, those with small hands, and limited hand mobility.

All our flutes are six-holes but we cover the third hole from the top of the flute (known as the six hole) with a leather tie, which can make it easier to learn to play.