Pocket Flute - G - Aromatic Cedar

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Our wood Pocket Flute 'A' is easy to play instrument that provides creative fun for all ages. 

This flute is hand finished with non-toxic oil, which gives its voice a bright, clear tone.
The Pocket Flute 'G' is 11-inches (28 cm) long, and easily fits into your pocket or a backpack. 

This is a 6-hole flute that includes a leather tie that cover the third hole from the top, which helps to make it easy to learn to play.  The Relative Diatonic Scale of “Bb” (“B” flat/”A” sharp) Major becomes musically available once you're ready to play using all 6-holes.

This is the highest octave we make in our key of "G" for our Traditional Series and makes a good accompaniment
for our Red Tail Hawk flute "G" and the Contra Bass flute "G" flutes.

Pocket Flute instructions are only available online:
Click here for Pocket Flute "G" instructions.


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