Tablature/sheet music for the Native Flute - High Spirits Flutes

Tablature/sheet music for the Native Flute

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Native Flute Tablature

Colors of the Wind - w/ Tab Timing Numbers :: w/o Tab Numbers

Yellow Submarine, The Beetles

Puff the Magic Dragon, Children's Song

Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley

Arms of an AngelSarah McLachlan and arranged by Jan Michael Looking Wolf

Blowin' in the Wind, Bob Dylan

Papago Crop Sowing Song, Traditional

Over the Rainbow, Musical

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Children's Song

Hush Little Baby, Children's Song

Paddling Song, Traditional

Danny Boy, Traditional

House of the Rising Sun, Traditional/Classic Rock

Hopi Corn Planting Song, Traditional

Silent Night, Christmas Holiday

Jingle Bells, Christmas Holiday

Auld Lang Syne, Traditional

Zuni Sunset Song, Traditional

Sioux Spirit Dance Song, Traditional

Buffalo Gals, by John Hodges

Row, Row, Row Your Boat, a children's round

Bring a Torch, a traditional French carol